Liverpool’s want to get away striker Luis Suarez says that he is prepared to go the Premier league in order to move from Liverpool this summer.

Arsenal have already had two bids rejected by the Reds, with the Uruguayan striker claiming that Liverpool are failing to honour a clause in his contract that he claims says that should Liverpool not be playing in the Champions league and club that puts in an offer of over £40 he has the right to go to.

So far Liverpool’s leading goal scorer has not put in a transfer request, yet has been firm on his desire the leave the Merseyside club.

Suarez said: “Last year I had the opportunity to move to a big European club and I stayed on the understanding that, if we failed to qualify for the Champions League the following season, I’d be allowed to go.

“I gave absolutely everything last season but it was not enough to give us a top-four finish. Now all I want is for Liverpool to honour our agreement.”

Suarez goes on to say that he will be forced to take up other options should Liverpool refuse to let him move to Arsenal.

“I have the club’s word and we have the written contract and we are happy to take this to the Premier League for them to decide the case, but I do not want it to come to that,” he said.

“I don’t feel betrayed but the club promised me something a year ago, just as I promised them that I would stay and try everything possible to get us into the Champions League.

“They gave me their word a year ago and now I want them to honour that. And it is not just something verbal with the coach but something that is written in the contract. I’m not going to another club to hurt Liverpool.”

“I got a great reception at the weekend and I am grateful. I don’t think the supporters are angry, I think they understand a player when he has the ambition to triumph at the highest level.

“When you are at a club for as long as you are together you stick up for each other, but that does not give the club the right to go back on their commitment.

“I’m 26. I need to be playing in the Champions League. I waited one year and no one can say that I did not give everything possible with my team-mates last season to get us there.

“People may accuse me of showing a lack of loyalty but last season we told Liverpool there was interest from a top European club and they told me: ‘We’ve got a new coach and we’re going to push for the Champions League’.

“I spoke with (Liverpool boss) Brendan Rodgers several times and he told me: ‘Stay another season, and you have my word that, if we don’t make it, then I will personally make sure that you can leave’.

Before Suarez made his comments public Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers said that the clubs stance on the striker had not changed.

“I’ll tell you what I’ve been saying all summer and what I said most of last season,” said Rodgers ahead of tonight’s friendly against Valerenga in Norway.

“He’s an incredible player, Luis Suarez. On the field he is a fighter, he wants to win and he showed that last season.

“We’ve obviously had a couple of bids from one club that has been nowhere near the valuation. I repeat – nowhere near the valuation of what he is worth in this market. There’s no change to that.

“It’s the same with any of our players – we’re very much a team that’s trying to build and go forward. For that, we want to keep our best players.

“We have no intention of selling one of the top players in the world to one of our rivals. The message is very clear: Luis Suarez is very much a Liverpool player.

“There’s not even really a discussion point, unless someone comes within anywhere near the valuation of Luis. At this present time, that’s not the case.