liverpool, manchester united


According to Liverpool is beating Manchester United in the race to sign PSV star Memphis Depay.

Last week Depay travelled to England where it was assumed he was having meetings with Manchester United with a member of his entourage posting a photo on twitter of Manchester United’s AON training centre.

It now turns out that Depay’s agent Kees Ploegsma was in Manchester to visit with another client who plays for Manchester United.

Sources in Holland have confirmed that Liverpool is much further down the road than is United in regards to getting Depay’s signature.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers also spoke about the 21-year-old winger over the weekend saying: “The kid is obviously a very talented player.

“It is clear we need a goal threat for next season. There will be a raft of players that will be looked at. Then it will be up to the club to see if they are affordable and available.

“There are targets that have been identified as a priority. We will have to see if they are available.”

Manchester United meanwhile think that having played in Louis van Gaal’s Dutch national team gives them an advantage, where as Liverpool manager Brendan Rodger’s thinks that his ability to nurture young talent as is the case with Raheem Sterling will give him the edge over his rivals at Old Trafford.

Somehow we have a feeling that this could be one of those deals that will take some time to play out.