Guide to betting on Football

Football betting always seems like a great way to make a fortune for the fan of the game. After all, we all fancy ourselves as experts on the beautiful game and what better way to prove that than to enjoy a few wagers.

Punters should tread carefully though. One beautiful thing about football is that it often does not run quite to plan. Anyone who has marked up a super six coupon of a Saturday afternoon should know that. Most of us have felt that terrible disappointment that comes from being only one result away from a big win, so the trick is to bet carefully.

A wise gambler will balance up his unlikely looking long shots with some bets at shorter odds, in order to make sure that they stay ahead. Betting on Manchester United to win at home may not always work, after all, Blackburn Rovers won at Old Trafford over Christmas, but it will happen more times than not. Placing a wager such as this may then free up a punter to bet long on something like a Manchester City home defeat or Wolverhampton Wanderers away win.

Good value can often be found further down the leagues as well, where teams are often more equally matched. Betting on the Championship can be risky, largely due to the unpredictability of each game, with any team capable of beating another on a given day. The rewards can be rich though, as long as the risks taken are balanced up with some careful bets on more secure games.

Betting on individual players to score can also bring good value alongside bets on results. The advent of online, in-play betting has opened up the way in which punters can gamble on the `Beautiful Game` even more. This can be a fun way to bet, as it allows players to bet on the next corner, the next card or the next player to score, amongst many other things. The beauty of this is that new situations arise, such as a player being on the cusp of scoring a hat-trick and someone with good knowledge and expertise can often make this kind of bet pay big.

However, perhaps the best source of free football betting tips is to talk to the fans of clubs. Anyone who watches a team week-in and week-out will have a good idea of what kind of form to expect from a team. Of course, what keeps us coming back to football time and time again is its unpredictability, so perhaps the wisest football gambler always knows never to take anything for granted and there is no such thing as a dead cert in this game.

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