Sports Clothing Guide

While it`s good to look dapper whatever you are doing, when it comes to sports you really need to wear the right clothes for the job. That doesn`t mean that you can`t look good while you`re on the pitch, however. The rise in fashion sportswear means that you can look good no matter what you are up to.

When it comes to team sports such as football or rugby it`s really important to wear loose, comfortable clothing that is hardwearing enough to withstand the most savage of tackles. Avoid any clothes which have a lot of detailing which could not only get damaged while you are playing, it might even cause an injury to you or your team mate.

You don`t need to wear a full on football kit when you are having a kick around with your mates, save that for when you`re playing a proper match. For practise there are plenty of options that will take you straight from field to pub, unless of course you get too covered in mud.

Surfing and extreme sports brands such as Billabong, Animal and Hurley are a great choice for any kind of sport where your clothes are likely to get a bit of abuse. They are designed to be hard wearing and versatile enough for all kinds of weather conditions. Not only that, they look good even when they are a couple of years old so you don`t need to worry about always keeping up with the latest trends.

Layering is essential when you are playing sports outdoors, especially when the climate is unpredictable. Warm up safely before you begin playing to avoid injury to your muscles. Loose, jersey tracksuit bottoms are ideal for this as they keep the heat in and can be easily slipped off over your shoes if you get too warm. Just make sure you`re wearing shorts underneath!

When it comes to your upper body a comfortable t-shirt and zip up hoody are ideal as you can keep your muscles warm and dry but can easily remove layers as the perspiration starts to flow. If it`s raining then there are some amazing high tech fabrics on the market which will keep the rain off and allow sweat to evaporate, leaving your body cool and dry. Thinsulate, Thermax, CoolMax and Dryfit are all excellent waterproof, breathable fabrics and clothes made from polypropylene will also wick moisture away from your body.

Regulating your body temperature is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from injury and stop yourself from getting too dehydrated so it`s a really good investment to make sure that your clothing helps you stay safe. <a href=”“>Hurley Clothes</a> are easy to layer to ensure that your core temperature stays just right and will look great whether you are on the field or enjoying a post match pint at the pub.

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