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Romelu Lukaku says he would welcome the challenge for his place in the team should Wayne Rooney agree to a move to Stamford Bridge.

Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea are set to make a third bid for the international with speculation circulating that says should Chelsea’s Juan Mata be included in the deal that it could happen.

The bid is expected to be made following Monday nights clash between the two clubs at Old Trafford.

Lukaku, while determined to secure a starting place in the Chelsea first team has said that he will welcome Rooney if it is good for the team.

“Every player wants to be in the best team there is,” said the Belgium forward.

“If a player can improve us, why not? Samuel Eto’o, Wayne Rooney, I have heard everyone. I am not scared. Let them come.

“I’m getting closer to where I need to be and hopefully also closer to the starting line-up, my main ambition.

“If I keep working hard, like I’m doing now, showing the talent that I have hopefully I get to start in the next game.

“Compared to the first year, when I arrived here it was all about learning and taking a bit off all the players, now it’s about starting games.”