In an interview with ESPN Chelsea manager and former boss of Spanish giants Real Madrid sent out a message to Cristiano Ronaldo when he said: “I was manager for the first time in the year 2000 but, before that, I was assistant in big clubs and with big managers and coaching the best players in the world. So I was 30 and I was coaching Ronaldo, not this one [Cristiano], but the real one, the Brazilian Ronaldo.”

Mourinho also said that he told Real Madrid’s president Florentino Perez that the club should sign Gareth Bale last season.

“I asked the club to buy him last season but it was not possible. They told me that it was not the ideal moment and not the time to pay out so much money”.

Apparently this season things are a little different following Perez being re-elected as president with the funds ready to pay Tottenham a world record breaking $150 million for the Welsh wizard.

When talking about this incredible transfer amount the Portuguese said: “It looks like it is happening this season so I am happy for them because they have got a fantastic player but, of course, the numbers are huge numbers and the kid has to go now and there’s pressure to prove that he’s worth that investment.”

A deal is expected to be announced after both Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy and Madrid president Florentino meet in Miami next week.

Once this deal goes through you will see what I am calling the “Bale effect” as every other big club seems to waiting for this deal to be done before moving onto other signings with perhaps a bid for Cristiano Ronaldo by Manchester United, which could see Wayne Rooney being sold to Chelsea after the Blues have now reportedly upped their initial bid to $60 million.

This then leaves open the door for Real Madrid to sign Luis Suarez, as even though Tottenham could also bid on the Liverpool striker they will not be playing Champions League football next season.

Finally Mourinho lets us into the true workings of Real Madrid when he says: ” Is not just a club. Real Madrid is politics” and even though they failed to win La Liga last season had not been “so bad” despite finishing with only one title – the Spanish Super Cup: “I know that Real Madrid is a special club. It is not just a club. Real Madrid is politics. Real Madrid is not only about football or sports, it’s about many things around.”