Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger seems more confident than he has been in years of Arsenal winning the Premier League despite the enormous pressure on the players to deliver.

“I believe we are able to handle it and we want to handle it,” said Wenger. “We enjoy the extra pressure.

“Before we suffered sometimes from the fact that at the start of the season, nobody considered us at all because we lost our best players. This period is over now so we are happy to be under this kind of pressure.

“We had much more pressure before when I knew I had at least to be in the top four and we did not necessarily have the potential to do it.

“The pressure is really on you then when you know you are just on the border of achieving what is absolutely requested. When you know you cannot miss an inch or you are out. That is much more difficult.

“I do not look at the pressure as a whole. The pressure is to win the next game and make sure that the team is in a position where they have a chance to win the game, to select the right team. I do not go further than that.”

The Frenchman has no illusions that winning the title will be easy as there are other clubs with equally impressive squads that also think they can be champions.

He added: “We can talk and talk about it but in football you have to accept that you can win, draw or lose. What you expect is that you give your best in every single game and we are determined to do that.

“The other thing we don’t know is how good our opponents will be. I don’t know how good Man United will be, how good Man City will be but if you look at their squads they can have the same ambition that we have.