United’s star striker Robin van Persie does not think that the team will go into a decline following the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Former Everton manager David Moyes has taken over the reins from fellow Scot Ferguson, with his first few weeks in charge overshadowed by the fact that England international Wayne Rooney wants a transfer, and his inability to sign Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona despite offering £40 million.

Van Persie said:  “People can think what they like.”

“We’ll work harder than ever to reach our targets, that’s a certainty.

“The quality of the opposition will be even stronger this season so it’s up to us to always improve. We’ll do this.

“The quality is there, of course – so many great players. But this is also a team of champions.

“Whatever the different characters or what countries they come from, they all have the same mentality.

“They know they must win and appreciate what it means to play for United.

“It’s an honour and with it comes a responsibility to be a successful team. I know we won’t let the fans down.”

Van Persie had spent eight years playing under Arsene Wenger at Arsenal, and one full season with Ferguson at Old Trafford is impressed with Moyes handling of the club after just a short time in charge.

He added: “Sir Alex is a huge presence, but already the new manager has come in and impressed everybody greatly. There’s a new coaching set-up but the attitude of the players remains identical.

“I know he is a good manager who did an excellent job at Everton. His teams were always mentally strong and united, which is hard to play against.

“Now we can see his abilities and positive approach in training. I can say already that I’m going to enjoy working with him.”

Van Persie joined Manchester United last summer after failing to win any trophies at Arsenal, and it paid off with him winning the league with United.

“To come here after being at Arsenal for so long was a big decision, and thankfully it worked out very well for me,” he told Nuts Magazine.

“I got to work with a great manager in his final season, play with some great, great players, score goals and win the Premier League.

“That was a dream and it came true. I’m even hungrier this season than I was last season.

“Of course I was delighted when we won the title but there was a bit of relief in my emotions too.

“I’d waited so long to reach that level and was desperate for it to happen. Now I have one title, I want more.

“It’s an incredible feeling to know you’ve won one of the most difficult football competitions in the world. I need that feeling again.

“I’m just committed to always improving. I should be coming to an age where I’m playing my best football, so I want to score more goals, play better for the team and win trophies.

“I’m never satisfied. This will be a big year for me with all the silverware we have a chance of winning and also the build-up to the World Cup.”