By Tom Finn

October 8, 2014

One thing Arsenal fans will have learned from last weekend’s match with Chelsea is that manager Arsene Wenger made the wrong decision in not resigning Cesc Fabregas because he already had Mesut Özil.

It was Fabregas that dominated on the pitch while also providing striker Diego Costa the most beautiful of passes for the Spaniard to fire home Chelsea’s second goal and put the match out of the Gunners reach while Özil floundered once more playing out on the left.

We all know that Özil prefers playing in a central role and that he wants to be the number 10 playing behind Danny Welbeck, yet for some reason Wenger does not seem to trust him to play in a central position preferring to play him wide, which is something the young German does not like to do as we have seen now since the start of the season where the only good game he played was when he was allowed to be a central midfielder against Aston Villa, a match in which he even scored a goal.

Arsene Wenger now has a choice to make as it is obvious to all of us watching that Özil does not want to play out wide so unless Wenger can find a way to let him play in his favored position Arsenal should cut their losses and sell him.

The Daily Mirror is reporting today that Spanish newspaper El Confidencial claim that Bayern Munich tried to buy him in the summer for a cut price thinking that Arsenal would resign Cesc Fabregas, but Wenger was not interested preferring to keep his £42.5 million signing.

We will have to wait and see how things pan out in the coming weeks and whether or not Wenger continues to play him wide, which we here at Soccer Transfers think is a mistake yet the Frenchman is known to be stubborn and after paying such a huge fee may feel he must adapt to his new position on the field.

One thing is for sure in that Arsenal given Özil performance so far this season would be lucky to get back half of what they paid to Real Madrid and while Gooners keep saying they need to give Özil more time patience is now starting to wear thin.