Yohan Cabaye

Newcastle United’s French international Yohan Cabaye has dismissed all talk of him leaving St. James Park, and says he is only focusing on the class with Manchester City.

In what was considered to be a surprising move by the club Newcastle allowed one of their top players to discuss the talk of him joining either Paris Saint-Germain or one or two Premiership sides that have shown interest in the 27-year-old midfielder.

Speaking to the BBC and reported in the Newcastle Chronicle Cabaye said: “For me to go to Paris or another club there is nothing.

“I just want to be focused on the next game, Man City.” He did however say is was difficult for players to keep focused during January when they are constantly being linked to other clubs adding: “I think it’s hard for every player.

“It depends what the player wants – if he wants to leave or if he wants to stay.

“So there is every time speculation about the transfer, even in January.

“So it’s hard for the player, the club and the fans, for everybody.

“It is not a good period for everybody.

“We just have to stay away from that speculation and stay focused on our job and my job especially.”

Just to reassure reports that he was staying in Newcastle he said: “Nothing is happening for me.