Following the protests we saw at the Confederations Cup in Brazil the corrupt officials at Fifa yes that right the very same Sepp Blatter and company that awarded the 2022 World Cup to a country with a population of 1.8 million people that has scorching summer heat not conducive to playing football after having their pockets lined by the oil rich Qatari’s think that everything will be just fine in Brazil for next summer’s tournament.

The Confederations Cup is supposed to be a trial run for the World Cup, and while everything might have looked OK on the pitch it was a completely different story outside the stadiums where as many as 1.2 million people took to the streets to protest their country’s wasting of money that could have been spent in so many better ways.

The last three World Cups in Korea/Japan, Germany and South Africa cost $25 billion to host the event, while next summer’s World Cup in Brazil is going to cost $30 billion, which is more than the combined cost of the three previous World Cups.

If the officials at Fifa had any sense following what we saw in Brazil they would immediately move the competition to the United States, a country that has all the infrastructure in place to hold such an event with short term notice.

When asked about moving the World Cup after seeing all the protests on the streets against Fifa who by the way do not have to pay any taxes on the money they earn from the World Cup in Brazil, Fifa Secretary General Jerome Valcke said:

”There is no Plan B and, by the way, I have never received any official offer from any other countries around the world to stage the World Cup in 2014.”

The Brazilian government believes that it will prove everyone wrong.

”The country has been able to overcome the challenge of providing the infrastructure, logistics and conditions for the matches to be held in the stadia in accordance with the requirements of this cup, in terms of comfort and security,” Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo said.

Today Fifa have come out and said that ticket prices will be 70% cheaper for most matches than they have been for previous events which sounds to me like they are starting to panic, and so they should, as I will not be going to Brazil to watch the World Cup next summer, and neither should you.

The video below was made by Carla Dauden a Brazilian film producer living in the United States and portrays typical stereotypes of Brazil, and lays down the reasons for why she is not going to the World Cup, and why you should stay home also. It is a great video and will open your eyes to what is actually happening if you like it please send the link to your friends.