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Bacca is a player who is just hungry to score goals, who loves to beat the offside trap with his blistering pace, but is not a link man with a passing percentage of less that 70%, but what he would bring to Liverpool is a player not afraid to take players on, and who will stretch the defence opening up chances for others just as Luis Suarez did at Liverpool.

And while he would be suitable at Anfield, he fits right into the mould of centre-forward that Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal is looking for, as Sky Sports football pundit Gary Neville pointed out by comparing him to Wayne Rooney, who was never taught to go looking for the ball, but to create space for others which is exactly the Colombian, Bacca’s style of play.

When asked about Bacca, Sevilla trainer Unai Emery said: “Bacca has great skills and qualities and is extraordinarily competitive.”

“He wants more and more. Every time he’s on the pitch he wants to grow.

You can call it hunger. He wants the ceiling to be higher and higher.”

Playing for either Brendan Rodgers or Louis van Gaal will be a challenge for the 28-year-old, yet he has faced challenges all his life and risen above them, and while he might lack the pedigree of a truly world-class striker such as Suarez or Cavani he has the quality and the heart to become a major force in the Premiership.