Wenger refuses to give up on MARQUEE SIGNING offers £40.5m


According to reports Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has not given up hope of signing Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema, and is preparing to offer the Spanish giants a massive £40.5 million in order to tempt Florentino Perez into selling.

The soon to be 66-year-old manager has apparently made the French international his number one summer signing, and is pulling out all the stops in order to make it happen by steadily increasing the amount he is offing in an attempt the capture the Spanish clubs interest.

Real Madrid meanwhile do not need to sell Benzema, but with the prospect of perhaps signing Paul Pogba a possibility, Wenger knows that Perez hates the chance to miss out on a major signing, and with the money Arsenal is willing to pay it would go a long way in paying towards signing the Juventus midfielder.

Spanish news outlet Fichajes says Arsenal is now prepared to offer Los Blanco’s £40.5 million and will leave the offer on the table till deadline day.

Our thoughts on a move by Benzema, are that it may take closer to £50 million in order to get Real to sell, but if Wenger is serious about winning the Premiership a striker like Benzema can turn a dream into a reality.