Manchester United

Stock traders at the New York Stock Exchange are claiming that Manchester United manager David Moyes is to leave Old Trafford just nine months after taking the job over from Sir Alex Ferguson.

Bookmakers Betfair have now according to the Daily Star slashed the price on Moyes leaving the club before the end of the season to 5/4.

The post below was made by Miles Eakers and appeared earlier today on Forexlive.

Wall Street talk is that Moyes will leave United by mutual consent

Eakers is the boss of FX and also the head honcho over at SAVI Trading.

Manchester United however say they are baffled by these reports saying that they made it very clear from the beginning that Moyes will be given the resources and time to prove that he was the right man for the job.

Following their crushing loss against Olympiakos in the Champions League first-leg in Piraeus Moyes took full responsibility saying: “I take responsibility.

“It’s my team and I always front up.

“It was a really poor performance. We never really got going and we didn’t deserve anything.”