The Belgian defender’s other half need not worry though, as his fumble with the official was just an innocent mistake.

Vermaelen has a fumble with Sian Massey during Arsenal v City friendly

He chased across towards the touchline to clear the ball and then found he couldn’t stop.

Vermaelen collided with Andy Gray’s nemesis, but gallantly grabbed her round the waist to prevent her crashing into an advertising hoarding.

Unfortunately for the centre-back, his actions made it look as though he was working on his dance moves with the official.

Massey saw the funny side though and laughed off the incident as play continued.

There was not too much else for Arsenal fans to smile about in the torrential rain at the Bird’s Nest stadium, as goals from Pablo Zabaleta and Yaya Toure in the five minutes before half-time earned City a comfortable victory.