manchester united


Hands up if like us you are fed up with the chopping and changing Dutch manager Louis van Gaal is doing at Manchester United, where it seems the emphasis is on keeping the ball rather than scoring goals.

And yes we know that injuries may have forced his hand earlier in the season, but to continually play Robin van Persie with Radamel Falcao up front rather than Rooney leading the attack has never made sense to us, and our opinion was proved right against Sunderland with the England internationals second goal.

Falcao put in yet another dismal performance and surely must leave Old Trafford at the end of the season as he is nothing like the player he was at Atletico Madrid.

As for Angle Di Maria we feel as though he is suffering on multiple fronts, with his wife most likely on his case about moving to another country where she can once again feel safe, after the failed home invasion she went through.

And while we know Di Maria has the talent he is obviously not happy with things at Manchester United as his latest showing has shown, and despite his British record £59.7 transfer fee would rather see Adnan Januzaj playing than a man who has lost his mojo.

We all make mistakes and it appears United has done so with Di Maria who is having a hard time learning English and adapting to not only a different League, but a completely different lifestyle than he had in Spain so perhaps it’s time to send him back to La Liga where he can be happy once more.

It looks as the Van Gaal has made his mind up with this 4-3-3 formation which he will no doubt go with until the end of the season, where it remains to be seen how much money he will be given for new players if United do not qualify for the Champions League.

We all of course expect United to finish in the top-four, and while everyone like a winning team, watching the way United play now is not the Red Devils of Old, which means we will just have to get used watching a joyless team for as long as van Gaal is at the helm.