By Mike Campelson

Fantasy sports have been around for quite some time. Before it virtually blew up on the internet, various fantasy leagues were run completely out of newspaper statistics. But as popularity increased and the internet expanded, fantasy sports have now taken on a whole new dimension.

Over the past decade, fantasy sports websites have become not only popular, but necessary when running a fantasy sport league. They started simple enough, offering minimal results but at the same time making the fantasy game much easier to play. But as interest increased, the fantasy sports websites had to grow with the demand to the point where today you can play online in almost any sport.

The diversity of fantasy sports and their websites are now nothing short of amazing. One can be their own general manager, allowing themselves to test their knowledge of the sport. There are leagues that have a salary cap, to truly test one’s ability to run a franchise. There are leagues without a salary cap, allowing you to be the richest of owners. The great thing about the many fantasy sports websites is that you aren’t held to one way of play. There are season leagues, there are weekly leagues, and there are even daily leagues. You are given various ways of drafting your teams. Random draft, snake draft, it is all available on these websites. And most of these sites are so simple to use that it is hard to think of a reason not to play.

The decade long fascination with fantasy sports has given the fantasy sport enthusiast a variety of websites to choose from. With fantasy sports there comes money, so most websites push each other to offer anything and everything when it comes to fantasy sports leagues, meaning there is more at stake for players. The popular and well-run websites will offer you the big sports (i.e. football, basketball, baseball and hockey) as well as many other sports (golf, MMA, tennis). They will offer you various ways to run your league and your draft and also offer various payoffs.

But all in all, it is the nature of competition that brings people in. The fun nature allows one to run their own league, run their own drafts, have their own draft parties and be their own league commissioner. Competition with friends, co-workers and even family is a major drive when it comes to fantasy sports. Draft day parties have now become the rage, going from a simple sit-down gathering amongst friends to huge blow-outs, some on par with the biggest parties of the year! If you are looking for some competition in your life, then fantasy sports is the way to go.


Mike Campelson writes frequently about the best ways to play fantasy sports on sites such as Fantasy Feud and many others. He frequently does his research using the Fantasy Feud sports blog to get the most up to date tips and information.