Sturridge reveals why he has gone to America


Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge is hoping that a change of scenery and a new approach to treating his injury will be found by doctors in the United States.

The 25-year-old England international made just 18 appearances for the Reds this season after having suffered calf and thigh injuries before now being struck down with a problem affecting his hip.

This has now prompted the Merseyside club to send Sturridge stateside where he will be looked at by orthopaedic surgeon Dr Peter Asnis, who works with Liverpool owners other biggest acquisition, the Boston Red Sox baseball team.

Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge hopes a change of environment in the United States will help him overcome his injury problems.

The Liverpool striker spent time rehabilitating in California back in December and admits he enjoys spending time in America.

“I like America, the way of thinking is different,” he told the Times.
“When you’re injured it’s important to have a different mentality. You have to channel yourself that you’re not a football player, that you could be a boxer or a tennis player or whatever it may be.

“You have to have a single-minded mentality to get back in the best shape possible. When you’re injured it’s important to have that type of mentality.

“That’s why being out here, I’m single-minded, zoning in on what I have to do and it’s great to be here.

“The physios at Liverpool are top class but it’s a change of environment that worked before and I wanted to do it again and that’s why it happened.”

This constant problem Sturridge seems to have has many people questioning whether or not it may be a mental issue, yet the former striker insists that is not the case.

“People can think what they want to think about me but I definitely know I do not have a mental issue,” he added. “I find it funny, I take it with a pinch of salt.”