Sergio Ramos played Manchester United like a CHEAP VIOLIN


Ever since the talk of Sergio Ramos wanting to leave Real Madrid and move to Old Trafford surfaced there were plenty of critics who claimed that the 29-year-old Spanish international was just using United to get himself a better deal in the Spanish capital.

And now following a meeting between Ramos and Real Madrid president Florentino Madrid in China yesterday, reports suggest that the two have ironed out their differences and that Ramos is set to be offered a new long-term lucrative contract.

Manchester United meanwhile appear to be furious after having spent so much time and effort in to bringing Ramos to old Trafford after the defender said it was the only other club he would consider playing for.

A United source told Starsport: “The club was led to believe he wanted to join them and was willing to leave Real Madrid.

“He was urged to make his feelings public to help speed up the transfer, but it now looks like he was playing a game all along.

“In the end it appears all he wanted was a new contract at Real and it looks like he’s going to get one as well.

“It’s not the sort of behaviour you’d expect from a player of his standing in the game. It’s like he’s betrayed United.”