manchester united


Manchester United assistant manager Ryan Giggs is confident that the clubs top signing Angel Di Maria “will come good “ for United and that he is not suffering from a lack of confidence since moving to Old Trafford from Real Madrid for a British record £59.7 million transfer fee last summer.

Giggs insists that there is nothing wrong with the Argentinian winger despite having scored three goals in his first five matches for the club before a severe dip in form that now sees him having scored just one goal in 19 games.

Giggs however believes he is still a quality player saying: “I think his confidence is fine. He’s a quality player and we’ll be looking for him to produce because it is big game after big game now.

“Players get used to different leagues, sometimes quickly and sometimes it takes a bit of time.

“He had a really good start to the season but with players who take risks and who can win games it’s always difficult to be consistent because they will try things that other players won’t do.

“They’re capable of doing that and that’s why they’re match-winners and the best players.”