If Ronaldo genuinely wants to leave, then Real’s asking price will tumble and players will come into the negotiations.

The fee would be around £60m with David de Gea and possibly Nani joining Real.

SunSport broke the bombshell news that Ronaldo has confided in his former Manchester United team-mates that he would love to return home to Old Trafford.

In last week’s column I told you Ronaldo could now force his way out of Madrid as he will have just two years left on his contract in the summer.

On Wednesday Madrid sports daily AS splashed with the news Ronaldo will not renew his deal. The article was signed by one of his close friends.

There are two options: 1) Ronaldo genuinely wants to leave. 2) He is making president Florentino Perez sweat and will exact more than £25m a year to hang around. If he stays, this was all a well-orchestrated bluff by Ronaldo and his agent Jorge Mendes.

If he leaves, Ronaldo has two choices: 1) Join United for football reasons. 2) Join Paris St Germain for the money.

United could give him £300k a week at a push. Massive but doable — as shirt sales alone would take care of his salary and leave lots of loose change.

But in Paris he would get £500k a week.

United boss Alex Ferguson knows this deal CAN be done.

Provided Ronaldo’s desire to return is not a negotiating ploy — or indeed does not turn to one by the end of the season.

Ferguson admits he’s still in regular contact with his protege and their relationship is still close. Clearly, the Scot has a unique chance to land a massive blow on Madrid and boost United’s prestige around the globe.