By Mark Finlay

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers tells Arsenal that if they are serious about Luis Suarez they must increase their bid.

Arsene Wengers team put in an offer yesterday of £40,000,001, but Rodgers insists it will take more than that for the team’s top scorer to leave Liverpool.

“If Arsenal want the player, then they have to produce the value for the player,” Rodgers told reporters in Australia.

“There was an offer a few weeks ago of £35million and two weeks later it is now £40m and a pound – I don’t think it is anywhere near the value of what he is worth.

“But it is twofold, really. A player may want to go, but then somebody has to pay the value or worth of that player.”

Suarez came on for the last 20 minutes yesterday in a pre-season friendly against the Melbourne Victory in Australia setting up Iago Aspas for Liverpool’s second goal in a game they won 2-0.

Rodgers added: “There is no change for me or Luis. He is a paid player at Liverpool so he just needs to get on with getting fit. That is how it is.

“Until somebody tells me something different, that is what all my concentration will be on. There will be no games played at Liverpool.

“Luis is part of the group and he knows the standard you have to meet at this club – on and off the field.

“After the bid came in Luis was OK, he said he was OK to go on the pitch and his focus was fine.

“It may be a distraction but players are played enough money now to produce for their clubs and he just has to keep his professionalism, which he has done