Luis Suarez, Liverpool

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers told Sky Sports that last summer’s transfer saga involving star striker Luis Suarez has helped him to become a better manager.

The drama started while Suarez was in South America representing Uruguay in the Confederations Cup hinting to first teammate Edinson Cavani and then on a Montevideo radio show that he would be interested in a move to Real Madrid.

It then became all about being able to play in the Champions League which he could not do with Liverpool that got Arsenal to put a bid in for him.

Liverpool however held firm to their guns with Suarez staying at the club and signing a new contract.

Speaking about what came to pass Rodgers said: “Yes, it made me a better manager because it is a problem which you don’t get as a scenario when you are doing your coaching badges, and how you deal with it can make you.

“It was about managing the situation and always being honest about the situation. That is what you get paid for.

“I knew first and foremost the human qualities of Luis.

“He is a good man. He is a very generous human being and I have found him very amicable in everything I have spoken with him on.

“He was in a difficult place in the summer and I understood where he was at, I had empathy for his situation.

“I have watched Champions League games for many years and he is a player who wants to be at that level and deserves to be at that level.

“But we had to protect the club and hopefully sell to him that this was still the place for him to play at that level.

“From my experience watching Liverpool from the outside and speaking to some of the players who have been involved, there are not too many better places than being at Anfield on a Champions League night.”