Rodgers angry that Liverpool got outbid for Salah

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is angry that Liverpool was outbid by Chelsea for Basel winger Mohamed Salah.

The Reds boss revealed his frustration over the clubs lack of transfers as he tries to push for a top four finish in the league, but is certain that they will still finish above rivals Everton who they face tonight at Anfield.

Tonight’s match can honestly be looked upon as a six point affair with Liverpool currently in fourth place with Everton just one point behind, both club know the importance of trying to secure all three points tonight.

Both clubs have significant injury worries as we head into the match but Liverpool boss Rodgers feels as though Salah signing for Chelsea was a slap in the face.

 “Of course, I wanted to strengthen the team and if we are unable to do that it would be disappointing, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

“I think, yes, absolutely, we are so close to our aim of the Champions League and we should do everything we can to get there – and the owners feel like that as well.

“The people in the club see where we are at. I’ve always felt with this team that we would need to have everyone available to keep us in it, but if they are not we’ll still have to find ways to win games.”

Liverpool’s failure to land the Egyptian international Salah has left fans angry and forced managing director Ian Ayre to say that in the end it was Salah who did not want to join Liverpool.

He also however clearly admitted that the club had already agreed to how much they were willing to spend making it obvious to see that Chelsea only needed to bid slightly more to sign Salah when he added: “We know what the value of the player is and how far we were prepared to go. We won’t over-pay.”

Rodgers seemed to confirm both these facts when he was asked how could Liverpool not commit funds to transfers when they are so close to achieving Champions League football.

Rodgers answered: “That’s for the money guys to say that. It was deemed in this case we couldn’t do a deal and Chelsea could.

“It’s the construction of the whole deal, not only with the player and the agent and Basel as a football club.”

He added: “Wealth or not, it doesn’t matter to me, I believe this club I am at should be finishing above them.

“It’s easier said than done – Everton, for the last two years, have finished above us.

“But, for me, irrespective of wealth, we would see ourselves as a club to be up there challenging at the top of the table.

“That’s what we’ve done and we have to continue with that.”