Chelsea, Real Madrid


Real Madrid now hope to draw Chelsea should they make it to the quarter finals of the Champions League so that they can shut up Blues boss Jose Mourinho after the comments he made about his former team.

Mourinho said that he is much happier in London than Madrid because ‘he’s surrounded by good people’.

Spanish newspaper MARCA claim this comment has not gone down well at the Santiago Bernabeu and that they just wish the Portuguese manager could just move on and stop bringing up the past.

Quoting one senior Madrid player as saying: ‘Hopefully we can meet Mourinho in the Champions League. If we reach the final, hopefully we can face Chelsea; that will be the moment to talk.

“He should just leave us in peace; that’s all in the past and we’ve moved on doing our thing.”

MARCA added that the players think Mourinho is jealous of the success the club has had since he left, and that they would now love to knock his team out of the Champions League.