According to the British tabloid Sun newspaper Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is in the dark as regards contract negotiations with 20-year-old Reds forward Raheem Sterling and for the first time has admitted that he does not know if Sterling will be a Liverpool player next summer.

In what they call a testament to today’s modern football player the Daily Telegraph finds it hard to believe that a player just a few months out of his teens can come into his managers office and demand a salary of £150,000 per-week in order for him to sign a new contract at Anfield.

Currently Sterling is on a wage of £35,000 per-week, with the Reds reportedly willing to offer him a new deal at £100,000 per-week which everyone in football seems to think is a fantastic deal for a 20-year-old who is yet to prove he is just not a flash in the pan.

Sterling and his agent Aidy Ward have now put contract negotiations on hold until the summer, and could be risking the American money men who own Liverpool as seeing their position as trying to blackmail the club into meeting their demands which could in fact back-fire on them with the Boston owners knowing they still have Sterling tied down on his current deal until 2017.

When asked what he thought of the youngster’s decision to put talks on hold Rodgers said: “I can’t predict what other people are thinking.

“There is nothing for me to say on it. I hope now it’s put to bed whether or not he is going to sign the contract. I think that’s the intention.”

With Manchester City supposedly interested in the England youngster with reports suggesting they would be willing to pay £50 million, Liverpool may well decide to sell the troublemaker and invest the proceeds into strengthening the club, as we do not see the owners bowing down to the players demands.