PSG, Matuidi,

Nasser Al-Khelaifi the Qatari president of Paris Saint-Germain has warned English premiership side Manchester City from trying to sign Blaise Matuidi and at the same time insists that they are not interested in Chelsea winger Eden Hazard.

Reports coming out of Manchester suggest that City are preparing to make a bid for 23-year-old French midfielder Blaise Matuidi whose current contract only runs till the end of the season.

PSG has also been linked to a few signings this transfer window with the clubs president saying that they always try to follow the rules and would expect other clubs to behave in the same way.

The president also admitted that they were interested in Eden Hazzard but backed out when they found that Chelsea were already in advanced negotiations for the Belgium international.

“Interest from Manchester City in Matuidi? I am not worried because they know that if they touch one of our players, then we will be in opposition to them, and we will go and contact their players too,” he told L’Equipe.

“We respect all clubs, but if a club tries to buy one of our players, then it will have to face consequences.

“I don’t aim this at Manchester City, as from what I know, they did not contact Matuidi.”

Regarding Hazard, he added: “Eden Hazard is an amazing player and, in my opinion, the best player of Chelsea. But we never talked with him.

“In 2012, before he left for England, we had the opportunity to sign him, but we did not.

“Chelsea were in an advanced stage of negotiation and, as we don’t want to have any bad relationship with any club, we stopped there. He seems happy at Chelsea.”

Al-Khelaifi went on to talk about some of the players that are being linked to the Ligue 1 Champions including Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba, Barcelona forward Lionel Messi and Miralem Pjanic of AS Roma.

“Pogba is part of an excellent group of French players whom we are watching,” he said. “But when we will be really attracted, then we will talk to Juventus.

“Is there a chance for Messi to join PSG? No, never. If there were no limits at PSG, then we would sign Messi.

“If Messi doesn’t join PSG, then that means that there are limits.

“Miralem Pjanic? When we talked with Roma, we discovered that it was very difficult to get him during the January transfer window.

“Roma are second in Serie A and it is difficult for them to let one of their most important players leave in the middle of the season. The tifosi (fans) would become mad!”