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UEFA is expected to announce that it is going to relax Financial Fair Play regulations in a move that will allow owners to pump more money into their clubs, thereby nullifying ten legal challenges against its current regulations.



This will be a huge boost for clubs like Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain allowing them to cover losses by injecting cash into the club.



In the past many clubs including City have complained that the rules favoured the big rich established clubs, as they prevented wealthier owners from taking over clubs and injecting huge amounts of cash over a short period of time.



This happened to Qatari backed Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, who were both subject to £49 million fines and restricted transfers last season.



UEFA president Michel Platini has said the rules will be eased, with lawyers challenging the rules delighted by the news.



Platini told French radio station RTL: “The world is two-faced but we will say this openly: I think we’ll ease things, but it will be the executive committee who will decide if it is to be eased and the outcome will be known by the end of June.



“I think the regulations have been very good and it is the clubs who voted for FFP.



“But the French press say it is not right that [Chelsea owner Roman] Abramovich can buy many players and in France they cannot buy them. But if the Qataris had bought AC Milan the French would also say we should make financial fair play even tougher.”



Meanwhile Manchester City Chainman Khaldoon Al Mubarak claimed last year that history would prove him right, in that heavy investment at all levels in a club was the way forward.



Khaldoon said in May: “We have zero debt. We don’t pay a penny to service any debt. For me, that is a sustainable model. However, our friends at UEFA seem to believe otherwise.



“They have their view, we have ours. I disagree with their views, but we are pragmatic and one thing our fans need to know, we will do, as always, what is best for this club and the fans.”