Following his participation in the Indian Super League with FC Goa, the now 41-year-old Robert Pires says he is undecided as to whether or not he wants to continue playing football, but says he is very fortunate still be involved with the club that changed his life.

“I head to Dubai for a few days to relax but in January I hope to go back to Arsenal in my role as a club ambassador,” Pires told Sky Sports.

“I expect to go to Indonesia on behalf of the club towards the end of January and in February I will do some work for a French TV channel covering the Champions League.

“But for me Arsenal is like a second family. Arsenal changed my life when we’re talking about football so I know I’m privileged to still be a part of the club.

“I’m part of it mainly because I’ve kept a good relationship with Arsenal and particularly with Arsene Wenger. So for me now it’s amazing to work for this club.”

Pires who was in 2008 voted as the sixth all-time best player in Arsenal’s history, and when asked if he would like to get into coaching said he had no immediate plans to do so.

“I don’t know if I will go into coaching but if I do so at Arsenal, it will be after Arsene Wenger’s reign,” he said. “I still need to do my coaching license so I’ll need to take my time. I still need to take it step-by-step.

“But today Arsene Wenger is the manager. I hope that will be the case for a long time, because I think Arsenal and Wenger is like Ferguson and Manchester United – it’s for life.”

When asked what it was like playing on the Indian subcontinent the Frenchman said:

“It’s been a great experience for me, but I feel like this league has been a good opportunity for everybody – the marquee players like myself – as well as Indian players.

“I was surprised by the passion people have for football in India. The way I was received was incredible and most of the fans remembered me for my time playing with Arsenal.

“The people in India love football and they especially love the Premier League and Arsenal.”