Petr Cech will not be enough for Arsenal to win the Premiership


Saying just what every other top Premier League side other than Arsenal fans want to hear, former Chelsea ace, and now Wolfsburg star Andre Schurrle feels that the signing of just Petr Cech by Arsenal is not enough for the Gunners to win the Premiership title.

The former Chelsea winger does however think that the 33-year-old goalkeeper is a great signing for Arsenal, but will not go as far as Chelsea captain john Terry who thinks that the addition of Cech is worth an extra 15 points a season for Arsenal.

Speaking after last weekend’s friendly between Arsenal and Wolfsburg, a match in which Cech made his debut for his new club, and was cheered by the home fans every time he touched the ball, the young German gave his opinion of the move.

“For sure it is a great transfer for Arsenal,” said Schurrle.

“Petr Cech is a great professional and person so he will help them a lot this season.

“I think the league will be the same because they are champions now and know how to win and the whole team stayed, so they will be very good.

“I think they are favourites for the title.”