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Chilean daily El Mercurio managed to get an interview with Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini on Tuesday, during which the 61-year-old trainer made a few tasty comments, even calling Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho a “show off.”

When he wins, Mourinho wants to take credit for everything. I don’t do that. When I won the Premier League, I didn’t say a word.


I don’t have any problem with him, he’s not my enemy and there isn’t any conflict with him but I differ from Mourinho on all fronts. I have no interest in analysing him as a person.



The Chilean manager was not shy when it came to his achievements though saying: I changed the way football was played in Spain, using loose midfielders instead of fixed midfielders, and that was then adopted by the Spanish team.


In the Spanish league, before I went to Villarreal, they put the forwards on the wings to move the ball up and down the pitch but I started to use roaming midfielders who created space.

When speaking about local Chilean matters he added that he hoped Chile could win the Copa America while dodging questions about Arturo Vidal’s DUI and whether he would like to run the Chilean national team one day.