By David Bradford

League leading Chelsea manager told talkSPORT that he is not expecting to add any players to his squad during the January transfer window after having found a top goal scorer in Diego Costa who has netted for the Blues 12 times so far this season, and a brilliant playmaker in the form of Cesc Fabregas during the summer.

“We have a short squad but we’ve got good players, some younger, some older, but the squad is very, very good.

“Our project is to start and finish the season with the same group of players, so there will be nobody to leave and nobody to come in either “said Mourinho.

The Portuguese boss admitted that he was worried about centre-back Kurt Zouma after the 20-year-old was stretchered off the pitch during Chelsea’s 3-1 capital One Cup quarter-final against Derby County.

Mourinho revealed that the young French international appears fine after what appears to be a cut on the inside of his mouth after being punched by goalkeeper Petr Cech going for a ball.

He added: “When I saw Zouma was down, I was scared because we can’t lose any players and certainly not for long periods of time.

“When John Terry signalled that we needed to change I thought we might be in trouble, but no, happily for us and for the kid, we weren’t.

“He’s fine, he took a punch from Petr and had a cut inside his mouth, so taking him off was just a precaution. He was fine in the dressing room after.”