New tattoo covers all of strikers back


By Tom Finn

In this day and age it is not unfamiliar to see footballers sporting all means of tattoos but some seem to take the art a little too far as is the case with former Liverpool and Chelsea player Raul Meireles who recently had his entire right leg adorned with ink.

Not to be left out another big tattoo fan Juventus striker Carlos Tevez added to his featured sleeve where he has his trademark number 32 by having his entire back covered in a number of angelic figures stretching and joining up with the Tattoos on his arm.

The 20-year-old Argentinian was rested against Fiorentina on Friday only coming on to play the last 30 minutes of a 0-0 draw, and last night started in the Old Lady’s Champions League clash with Atletico Madrid, which finished in a scoreless draw that now sees both sides move on to the knockout stage.

New tattoo covers all of strikers back