British broadsheet the Observer newspaper are obviously smoking some dodgy material if this is how they think Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers will line-up his starting XI next season.

It looks as though whoever wrote the story is trying to cram in as many of the new signings as possible to what looks to us a team destined for problems should the Northern Irishman set up in this way.

First of all they have new signing Nathaniel Clyne playing at left-back when we all know he was signed as direct replacement for Glen Johnson and will feature for Liverpool as he did or Southampton at right-back.

The next odd placing is seeing Spaniards Alberto Moreno as a midfielder rather than as a left-back, with new boy James Milner out wide on the right, when we all know he was promised he could play his preferred central role when he decided to sign for Liverpool.

Add to this the fact that arguably one of the clubs standout players last season Emre Can does not feature along with Adam Lallana and you have to wonder if perhaps there might be a football writers position available with the London paper, because it is obvious to us that whoever came up with the story knows very little about Liverpool F.C.

You can see the line-up below.