Manchester United Boss David Moyes is preparing the fans for a let-down in January by telling them not to expect new signings.

The Red Devils have been linked with a list of several of Europe’s top players in recent weeks with scouts and even Moyes himself flying to Italy to look at one of their prospects.

Given the clubs difficult start to the season and the obvious need for new blood in the middle of the park fans were expecting to see some arrivals in January to help rescue the remainder of the season.

“As I have said many times, it is not a particularly good month to buy players.” He told Sky Sports.

“I would hate to get people’s hopes up and end up with nobody. In the same breath we are certainly not sitting back and doing nothing, that’s for sure.

“If we could pick up one or two players in this window we said we would try and do it.”

United have been linked with some top players but with clubs of these players still in the Champions League and competing domestically for titles it is hard to imagine them being allowed to jump ship halfway through the season.