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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho reckons that Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini needs to learn how to relax rather than spend all his time worrying about Chelsea.



These comments from the Portuguese manager follow on from an interview Pellegrini gave in Chile last month claiming that Blues boss Mourinho is self-obsessed, and that the 52-year-old trainer needs to stop “taking the credit for everything.”



In reply to this, while Mourinho said he could not care less about what Pellegrini has to say, while adding he thinks that his rival should take a break from constantly worrying about Chelsea.



“When a manager is on holidays and still thinks about me, I have nothing to say,” said Mourinho.



“I don’t know why he did it. In my holidays I did zero interviews. Since I left London, zero.



“Of course I am still thinking about football. But I don’t do any interviews, in that time. You are free of everything, questions, answers, controversy, interpretation, and overreaction. You are free of everything.



“If other guys use holiday time also for interviews, it’s their problem.”