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German footballing legend Franz Beckenbauer feels that Bayern Munich defensive midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger will struggle to compete in the Premiership should he decide to join Manchester United this summer.

The 30-year-old had an injury ravaged season at the Bundesliga champions making just 20 appearances for the Bavarians, and Beckenbauer who spent 13 years with Bayer feels Schweinsteiger is just too old for the Premiership.

‘Adapting to a different European league is difficult at his age,” Beckenbauer told Bild.

‘He has played with great force and put a lot of pressure on his body for many years. That saps energy. He could end his career in the USA instead.

‘If I was at Schweini’s (Schweinsteiger’s) place, I would stay one or two years more at Bayern. Until then, he can still perform at the highest level.’