manchester united


By David Bradford

If you have never heard of Manchester United super fan Andy Tate you will do now following a Christmas television commercial from BT Sport who are using the Mancunian’s fame to help promote an upcoming game they are airing.

Tate became famous overnight after leaving Old Trafford following yet another defeat under then manager David Moyes he was stopped by an interviewer from Full Time Devils an independent YouTube channel and asked for his thoughts on the game.

Full of pent up emotion Tate let rip at Moyes pointing his finger in the camera as though it was Moyes face he wanted to poke saying: “You, David Moyes. You got the job on a technicality of a legend who recommended you. You are nothing, you are a fool, and you are a waste of time. Good night!”


The video went viral getting nearly two million hits propelling the Red Devil fan to instant fame that you can hear him describe in the behind the scenes video for the commercial below.

Here is the actual commercial they were filming and Andy’s bit part in it, you must also remember that former player Eric Cantona is like a God to Manchester United fans.