manchester united


For some time now Manchester United striker Radamel Falcao has not been putting in the kind of performances that were expected of him since his big money loan move to Old Trafford from AS Monaco last summer.


For many years the Colombian international has had long hair, but surprised his teammates and guests by showing up at Manchester United’s end of season awards party sporting a whole new look of shaved sides while leaving the top long and thick.



Usually when woman opt for such a severe transformation it usually signals that they want to put the past behind them and move on with their lives which is perhaps what the 29-year-old striker wants to do after he wrote on twitter: ‘Changes are never easy, but there are moments when you have to do it’.



In what looked like a symbolic gesture, Falcao waved to the fans after being substituted in last week’s draw with Arsenal and what was an indication about the gesture was that he waved his hand from side to side as if saying goodbye, which to us signals he may have played his final game at Old Trafford.



What’s next for El Tigre we don’t know but if the new haircut is anything to go by it looks as though he is looking for a fresh start.