Manchester United: Never mind the goals where is the CREATIVITY Mr Van Gaal?


Manchester United fans appear to be running out of patience with manager Louis can Gaal’s style of possession football and are right to be fed up paying extortionate prices to watch a team spend ninety minutes off passing the ball around rather than produce the type off all-out attacking football the club was once famous for.

During yet another 0-0 draw the Red Devils managed just three shots on target against Crystal Palace yesterday while the Eagles registered eleven in a much more determined effort to get on the score sheet.

In fact for any neutral watching the match they would have been hoping for Palace to score as it would then have meant that United if capable would have to have mounted a response to being a goal down.

This policy of playing two defensive midfielders in Bastian Schweinsteiger and Morgan Schneiderlin is baffling as it takes away from the introduction of a player who might be able to inset a creative spark into the attack rather than just relying on Anthony Martial to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

And while we used to look forward to watching Manchester United play, we have to say we are firmly now in the camp of Paul Scholes as this current policy of starting each match with the handbrake on has us pulling our hair out, and with just one goal to show for the last four games we are getting fed up with watching this boring Chelsea like type of football.

As for Louis van Gaal we have this to say, either bring back the football we like to watch or pack your bags, as your defensive mind-set is not the way we play football at Manchester United.