Manchester United must sack LVG if they lose to Manchester City

We have to come out and say that we never liked the idea of Louis van Gaal being the manager of Manchester United from day one, and knew that the Dutchman’s style of play would not sit well with the Old Trafford faithful.

Add to that the 64-year-olds trouble when it comes to dealing with the press and his own massive ego, and you can now see we were right in our initial judgement.

Well Mr Woodward we have given you plenty of time to line-up your replacement for LVG and think that now you have Jose Mourinho in place you must do what you did with David Moyes and fire LVG once a top-four finish is no longer possible.

And we are not alone with this view either after former Red Devil Robbie Savage echoed our sentiments while writing for his column in the Daily Mirror.

‘For me, if they lose the derby, enough is enough.’

‘Grasp the nettle, put Ryan Giggs in charge and try to salvage fourth place from the wreckage of a season.

‘I know United could still win the FA Cup but without a top-four finish that wouldn’t be enough for me.

‘And they have got two difficult trips to West Ham coming up – one for the quarter-final replay and another in the last-ever game at Upton Park, which has potential top-four consequences for both sides!

‘I fear they could end up back where they started when Van Gaal came through the door – with no trophies and outside the Champions League mainstream.

‘I’ve been consistent in calling for Giggs to be United’s next manager and I’ll say it again: Surely he can’t do any worse.’

Truth be told we do not think Giggs wants to be a stand in until Mourinho arrives, which could possibly be the reason LVG is still in charge at Old Trafford.