manchester united


Manchester United is worried about the long-term future of Angel Di Maria at Old Trafford after the Argentinian and his family try to recover from an attempted home invasion.

The Red Devils winger was at home with his family eating dinner when the robbers tried to break in, and is now staying in a downtown hotel with his wife refusing to return back to the house.

When asked by the Daily Mirror is he was worried about the player’s performance and off-field happiness, United boss Louis van Gaal said: “Yes, yes, you are right. You are right in your analysis.

“I believe in the ‘total human-being’ principle. So his environment is also important. But, nevertheless, he was worried about his wife and child, I have spoken with him, and he wanted to play against Cambridge United and I played him.

“I have decided in the past that I will never play a player in those circumstances, because of the total human-being principle. But, with him, I had the feeling that I had to give him a chance to play and I was happy that I let him play. He played very well.

“And, of course, I have to decide Sunday again, but when you have seen his performance against Cambridge, I don’t think I have any doubt.”