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We all know the rhetoric being churned out by Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger about how the Gunners are no longer a club that needs to sell player’s, and while this is all well and good in theory, can you think of a big name Arsenal player who has been the subject of a serious offer these past two seasons?

This however is about to change when Manchester City puts an offer in for Jack Wilshere in the coming weeks.

Rebuilding a team with more home-grown players is what is on the agenda for City manager Manuel Pellegrini this summer, and armed with players such as Edin Dzeko and Stevan Jovetic to use as lures, the Citizens and their unlimited funds will be hard to say no to.

According to sources at Sky Sports, City has put both Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling and 23-year-old Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere on their list of players they want to sign this summer.

Sky Sports News HQ reporter James Cooper says City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak has insisted City’s squad be improved over the summer.

“They need to fill their home-grown quota and they need to bring quality in,” Cooper told Sky Sports News HQ.

“You only have to hear the words of Khaldoon Al Mubarak. He came out passionately last week and talked about last season and talked about next season, and said that Manuel Pellegrini would have a better, stronger squad full of elite players.

“And one of those elite players who has certainly caught their attention is Jack Wilshere. There is firm interest in the Arsenal player. I think maybe his price tag may have risen slightly on those two goals for England at the weekend.

“He’s had his injury problems for Arsenal but Manchester City have identified him as a player again that is versatile, can play throughout that midfield, he’s from the right place, he’s home grown and also age group wise gives them a younger player to refresh Manuel Pellegrini’s squad.

“So Wilshere is certainly on their radar, and it isn’t a Sterling or Wilshere, Manchester City would quite like it to be Sterling and Wilshere.”