Manchester City may be considering Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers as their next manager should the Qatari backed team decide to let go Manuel Pellegrini in the summer, but it is Atletico Madrid trainer Diego Simeone that they would really like to see take over at the Etihad according to former Liverpool fan favourite Danny Murphy who thinks Simeone should be at the top of City’s list.

“I have heard, and I don’t necessarily think this would ever happen but, with all of Man City’s money and power, they may try and steal Brendan Rodgers from Liverpool,” he told talkSPORT.

“I can’t see Liverpool ever letting Rodgers go [though] because of how good he is and how good he could go on to be.

“There is one stand out candidate for the next Manchester City manager, and that’s Diego Simeone.

“People have talked about Carlo Ancelotti because of his tried and tested formula, but what Simeone has done at Atletico is [amazing].

“I have never seen a team play for a manager like Atletico, they are incredible. They are non-stop.

“It’s not just one team, that team has had to evolve because he has to sell his best players every summer and still competes. He’s the man.”