By Tom Marshall-Bailey

Manchester City may have claimed three points at Old Trafford, but Niall Quinn believes the club need to find an extra “sparkle” to overtake rivals United next season.

Goals from James Milner and Sergio Aguero helped Roberto Mancini’s side claim victory on Monday, though former City striker Quinn is adamant the club must bring in new recruits over the summer.

But Quinn warned his ex-club that they will face stiff competition in the transfer market from both the Red Devils and Chelsea, and believes Mancini could be forced to sell before he can buy.

“If everything goes Mancini’s way and he’s still here with the full confidence of the owners, I think he probably needs to bring another bit of sparkle to the team,” Quinn at a Barclays Spaces For Sport event.

“I think they have to be careful on their FIFA Financial Fair Play model, so they can live within their means, you may see Man City do a bit of business now.

“Maybe even let a good one go to get a better one and freshen things up.

“We are used to seeing them buy and buy and buy and very seldom do we see them let a big star go but they may have to play that game now.”

Last summer Mancini saw his main transfer targets Eden Hazard and Robin van Persie snatched from under his nose and Quinn is sure the wheels are already in motion to ensure that does not happen again.

“Toure signed a new deal there which is encouraging but I believe there’s a sparkle needed,” he added.

“The scouting system will be in meltdown now making sure they get the right person ahead of Manchester United and Chelsea this summer.”