manchester united, liverpool


Manchester United’s Belgium international has been warned to lay off Liverpool’s Joe Allen or face the consequences come the summer.

The warning to the big Belgium comes from Wales national team manager Chris Coleman, as Manchester United travel to Anfield today for a match that is always hot headed and controversial.

The match will mark the first time that Allen and Fellaini have played against each other since the 2016 Euro qualifier between Belgium and Wales last November.

And while the game finished a goalless draw Fellaini caught the Welshman flush in the face with an elbow that you can see below.

Coleman has no doubt in his mind that it was a deliberate action by the 6ft 6in United midfielder in an attempt to take out Allen.

With Belgium still to travel to Cardiff the Red Dragons boss says that Fellaini would be advised to pick on someone his own size in future and leave Allen alone this afternoon.

Coleman said: “Joe’s not the biggest player – but he has a huge heart.

“I have seen him taking some big whacks in the past. He took a bang in Belgium from Fellaini – that was a nasty one.

“Fellaini knew what he was doing. But he has still got to come to Cardiff, hasn’t he?”