manchester united


Former Manchester United player Paul Scholes has called the type of play that Dutchman Louis van Gaal has brought to Old Trafford as “miserable,” adding that he finds it hard to get any enjoyment out of watching Manchester United play these days.

Scholes was speaking after United’s 3-1 win over struggling Burnley midweek having just watched a woeful first-half only to see the Red Devils end up with an unconvincing win.

Speaking ahead of United’s FA Cup clash with Preston Monday night, manager van Gaal had some words of his own for Scholes saying: “I don’t worry about it; it’s not so interesting I think.”

“Paul Scholes is one of the fans, I hope. Fans can criticise, that is not a problem.

“That’s what I have to say about that. The players are used to it, they are not for the first time professional players.

“Maybe some players care affected, but normally it doesn’t affect them, me neither.”

The Dutchman does admit however that he still does not have the correct formation worked out despite being at the club for eight months now.

“I have played now already five or six systems and I am looking still for the balance,” said Van Gaal.

“This system is more balanced than normally and I can play with more attacking players.

“In spite of the fact that we are looking for balance, our results are not bad and our defensive organisation is not bad, and we also score a lot of goals.

“So I cannot say that I am very disappointed about that.”

When asked about the teams injured players ahead of the Preston game the Dutchman said: “I don’t know. We have to wait and see. I don’t think it’s a heavy injury for Jones.

“With Blind, I say what the doctor has said – we’ll wait and see. I think he shall play on Monday – that’s my expectation, but you never know.”