Manchester United


Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal admitted that his team does not have the fittest players after the draw with Tottenham and that his substitutions were made to help avoid injuries.

Antonia Valencia was withdrawn at half time with Jonny Evans and Paddy McNair both coming off in the second half of the match.

The switch barely affected United plodding efforts after having dominated the first half with a handful of chances to score.

The Red Devil’s boss had a logical explanation for the substitutions telling the Manchester evening News:”They were tired,” the Dutchman laughed.

“We have to play a match within 48 hours, the body has not recovered, and I didn’t have the possibility to change because we do not have the most fittest players.

“I said one month ago it is scientifically proven that the body cannot recover in 48 hours.
“When the FA allow that to play matches you see the second-half was much different from the first, not only for United but for Tottenham.

“My colleague Pochettino has changed three players. Not for nothing.”

United fail to repeat their first half performance that van Gaal claimed was the best of the season adding: “You need a little fortune because Tottenham could score in the second-half, but yeah, when you play your best first half of the season as Manchester United playing at White Hart Lane – at a top six club – and you can create six or eight chances, then you have to finish your chances.

“But if you don’t reward yourself then normally the opponent wins.

“You could see in the difference in the second half. It was not football anymore. It was a struggle for life and Tottenham won the second balls and that’s why they were more dominant than Manchester in the second half.

“They created three chances but we also created three chances for the second-half. Mata, Van Persie and Falcao. They could have scored but they didn’t.”

The United boss then made a promise to United fans that they will see a true “Louis van Gaal side” next season.

“We are improving every week. I was very happy with the first-half,” he added.

“We shall be better. So watch.”