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Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal claimed that his team were the best in the Premiership ahead of Saturday’s trip to the Liberty Stadium.

Yet even after suffering 2-1 loss the United boss stunned all those who watched the match by saying his team were the better side and that they should have won.

Perhaps he should take a look at the stats of the match, and he might change his mind.

                                                                                    manchester united

 Ashley Williams the Swansea City captain however disagrees calling the Dutchman misguided.

“In our dressing room, we felt we deserved to win,” said Williams. “I don’t know how they felt, that’s up to them.

“I counted that we had four chances to score before they scored.

“I don’t remember us being opened up too much although we defended for a lot of the game.”

Williams declined to comment on United’s chance of a top-four finish, but did point out it was the second time Swansea had beaten them this season.

He added: “They’ve been finding themselves under the new manager and are playing a new system.”

“When you finish playing, there are certain things you remember.

“I’m guessing that the two wins over United this season, will be one of them.”