This whole Raheem Sterling thing is turning into a right mess, and if we were to offer any advice to the youngster it would be to fire his big mouth agent Aidy Ward and to apologise to Liverpool and the fans for his behaviour.

Even former Reds great Jan Molby is fed up with the goings on writing in his column for the Liverpool Echo : “The Raheem Sterling row has become a very messy situation and it’s all very unnecessary”.

“He’s a young player who has still got another two years left on his current contract and everyone wants the situation sorted so we can move on”.

“Surely Sterling’s agent realises that Jamie Carragher’s comments were given as a Liverpool former player and a fan rather than as an expert – he spoke from the heart like most Reds do”.

“Most Liverpool supporters find the whole sorry scenario difficult to understand”.

“It seems that Raheem has ambitions to fulfil but whatever your ambitions are in life, a large percentage of them will come down to finances”.

“He appears to have made up his mind and decided that his future lies away from Anfield and who are we to advise him? It’s his call and I don’t think there’s much we can do to change it”.

“Some people have said that there are similarities here with the Luis Suarez situation when he wanted to go but personally I don’t think it’s anything like the position he took”.

“Suarez was already established as one of the best players in the world and when he was denied his move away he spent the next 12 months enhancing his reputation”.

“Sterling is not at the same stage of his career so I think that Liverpool should bite the bullet and let him go now”.

“It’s a tough call because we don’t want to continue to allow other clubs to take our better players but they should stand their ground over what they think is a fair contract offer to him of £100,000 a week”.

“We knew that Suarez wouldn’t sulk but even though Sterling has got two years left on his current contract there’s nothing to be gained from keeping him here if he doesn’t want to stay”.

“He said in his television interview that the decisions he’s taking aren’t financially motivated and he’s taken his agent Aidy Ward’s advice”.

“Even though he’s only 20 he can obviously still think for himself and is capable of making the big decisions which could affect the rest of his life”.

“Maybe he thinks the club lacks ambition?”

“This is an unfortunate situation and I guess we haven’t heard the last of it”.